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Eratosthenes: New Android BibTeX reference manager

Postby mkmatlock » Sun Jan 19, 2014 7:30 am

Hello all,

I just wanted to let the android-using BibTeX community know about a recently released app for managing BibTeX databases.

Eratosthenes is a full-featured BibTeX based reference manager which is currently available through Google Play for all Android devices running Android 4.0 or higher.

Eratosthenes supports cloud storage through Dropbox (with Google Drive support in the works). It can also integrate with desktop solutions including JabRef and BibDesk (supports JabRef and BibDesk groups, file and url attachments), but also serves as a standalone solution for BibTeXing on the go.

Eratosthenes integrates into the Android environment to deliver a seamless reference search experience. Clicking on a DOI, PubMed entry, or Google Scholar 'Import BibTeX' link will be detected by Eratosthenes, allowing you to automatically import BibTeX entries, and PDFs if they are available (currently supports PubMedCentral and Google Scholar PDFs). There is also a streamlined search workflow for finding and attaching PDFs to entries.

Eratosthenes can also format and export citations and attachments to outside applications such as G-mail. Sharing entries with collaborators is a snap.

The next version of Eratosthenes (v0.6, projected release: March 2014) will include:
- Library loading speed improvements
- Google Drive support
- LaTeX math mode support
- Automatic change detection
- Entry level version control

There are many other features, most of which are listed below.

You can check out the app on google play:

Or check out my wiki and issue tracker at:

I am open to suggestions for how to improve the experience, and to hearing about what features would make the app worthwhile for your use. Additionally, I strive to be timely in fixing reported issues.

Thanks for looking!

Eratosthenes Key Features:
- Integration with desktop BibTeX solutions:
-- JabRef (Supports top-level groups and attached files/external links, no nested group support)
-- BibDesk (Supports static-groups and attached files/external links, no smart group support)

- Dropbox integration
-- sync library .bib files, and attachments
-- detect changes to attachments and upload new version automatically

- BibTeX editing capability
-- Includes guided manual entry and raw BibTeX entry

- Automatically import citations from multiple web services
-- .bib files and .zip archives
-- Google Scholar (incl PDFs)
-- DOI
-- PubMed (incl PDFs from PubMedCentral)

- Attach files and external links to entries, one click to open attachments.
-- Parse additional metadata from links to supported resources (ie PubMed).

- Annotate entries to include your own notes, summary information, and keywords

- Reference export
-- Export BibTeX citations and attachments to email, or other sharing services
-- Export LaTeX citation commands
-- Export text formatted citations (ACS style currently supported)

- Multiple Library organizational systems
-- Search fields: author, title, keywords, journal, year, etc
-- Mark Entries Read/Unread
-- Add Favorites
-- Groups/Folders (Maps to BibDesk static groups and JabRef top-level groups)
-- Collections (Higher level organization)
-- Keywords

- Quick search for most BibTeX fields, click on author names, journal, year or other fields to find matching papers.

- Automatically convert between UTF8 and LaTeX character codes
- Automatically format citation keys in one of several template formats

- Sort entries by date, collection, title, or author

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Postby shanki » Wed Mar 14, 2018 2:45 pm


Thanks for the great work. I am sending this email to know whether there is a way to have such an app for iOS especially for iPad Pro.


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Postby josmi9966 » Mon Dec 03, 2018 1:02 am

This seems to have disappeared from Google Play, does anyone know what happened or if it is still available?

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