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Include multiple BIB files along a LaTeX file

Postby didacgil9 » Thu Oct 24, 2013 4:37 pm


I am now creating a big LaTeX document (BIG.tex) that comprises a collection of papers.
Each one of the papers was a publication somewhere, in LaTeX (publicationX.tex) as well, and had inside the common \bibliography{bibXFile}.

Now, I want to include the documents inside this new bigger document.
So far, what I have achieved is that, by making a \include{publicationX.tex} call wherever I want to include the publication, this is processed as part of the BIG document, not restarting the counters, arranging the Title in a different way, and so.
However, I still have a small problem. If I leave the \bibliography{bibXFile} as it is, in each publicationX, it will generate multiple Reference sections in the BIG document.

I would like to have all the references printed only at the end of the BIG file.

One solution would be to remove all the bibliography{bibXFile} for the publications I have, and adding all the bibXFile's at the end such as \bibliography{bibXFile, bibYFile, bibZFile, etc.}

However, is there a way to feed the bibliography along a huge LaTex file and only print it at the end of the document?
Is there something like a \addBibFile{bibXFile} so adds references to be printed only when I finally call a \printBibliography?

I know this may not be clear at all, but I tried to express it short and understandable.
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