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New Button for alternative Viewer

Postby datenstation » Thu Sep 19, 2013 10:40 am

Hi Community,

we need a step by step explanation how to create a new button for an alternative PDF viewer (in our case we want to use Sumatra and Acrobat Reader). I know that it's possible to switch between different readers under "Execution modes -> PDF Viewer", but we want to switch that directly by using toolbar buttons.



Posts: 2
Joined: Thu Sep 19, 2013 10:25 am

Postby datenstation » Wed Oct 02, 2013 3:31 pm

OK, we found the solution after a few tries - so if someone is interested in it, here the step by step explanation how to create one.

  1. Configure in WinEdt -> Options -> Execution Modes -> PDF Viewer an alternative PDF viewer.

  2. Search in "%WinEdt%ConfigPDFAutoDetect.edt" which variable is connected with the PDF viewer for example "PDF-View3"

  3. Make a copy of "PDF Preview.edt" in %WinEdt%ExecPDF and rename this copy for example in "PDF Preview1.edt".

  4. Now edit "PDF Preview1.edt" and replace all. PDF-View variables with PDF-View3 (like in 2. found).

  5. Now start the Options Interface under WinEdt -> Options -> Options Interface.

  6. Create Button for Toolbar

    1. You find the Options Interface "Toolbar.ini" under Opt. Interf. -> Menus and Toolbar -> Toolbar.

    2. Create now in "Toolbar.ini" a new button like Button="Adobe_PDF_Preview2" next to the other toolbar button for the PDF viewer.

    3. Now open "MainMenu.ini" which you found under Opt. Interf. -> Menus and Toolbar -> Main Menu.

    4. Search for SUBMENU="PDF>" and create depending on settings in 3. and 6a.
      1. ITEM="Adobe_PDF_Preview2"
      2. CAPTION="Adobe PDF Pre&view2"
      3. IMAGE="AcroRead"
      4. MACRO="Exe('%bExecPDFPDF Prrview1.edt');"
      5. SHORTCUT="0::"
      6. REQ_FILTER="%P\%N.pdf"
  7. Save everything and press the button "Load Current Script" <-- important.

  8. Now restart WinEdt

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