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Connecting LyX with Zotero

Postby MarcusW » Tue Jul 30, 2019 11:12 am

Hi all,

I´m writing a thesis in LyX and have been recommended to use Zotero for my references. So I tried to follow the steps in this guide: ... zotero.pdf
and installed LyZ to connect LyX and Zotero.

Mozilla has apparently removed the LyZ add-on, but I found it at Github:

Under 2.4.1, step 9 in Wolfson's guide, it says "Now open LYX and goto Tools > Preferences > Paths and set LYXServer pipe to\\. pipe\lyxpipe" which I have done. I have also reconfigured and restarted LyX afterwards.

After that I followed the steps under 2.5 and opened a new LyX-document. But then when I open Zotero and try to right-click on my Solow paper and press “Cite in LYX”, it says:

"Wrong path to Lyx server.
Set the path specified in Lyx preferences." followed by "Could not contact server at: \\.\pipe\lyxpipe" and finally "Could not retrieve document name."

I have tried several times and have no clue why it is not working. Does anyone know what I have done wrong and perhaps offer some help?

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Postby hey1230 » Wed Dec 02, 2020 6:35 pm

Hi MarcusW,

I imagine that you have already found a workaround for your thesis, but maybe some other could benefit this message.

I downloaded LyZ addon for zotero, but I didn't like it because I had to spend quite a time figuring out how to make it work, so I started using the "Better BibTeX for Zotero" (, plugin, making it to keep that library updated, and it worked quite well to me.

0. Install betterbibtex addon from Zotero webpage
1. Create a folder in Zotero
(2. Add entries as needed)
3. Right click the folder and select "export collection"
4. Select BetterBibTeX, and check "keep updated" –this way the plugin will sync changes made in Zotero with the BibTeX .bib archive
5. Save that file in the same folder where your project is, maybe in a "Bibliography" sub-folder
6. Cite in LyX and select your file as your reference source

Now everything just works, at least for what I need to write.

Hope you all the best with your thesis and keep safe in these times.

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