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Write accented characters to file using \write

Postby giampierosalvi » Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:52 pm

I am trying to output some information to an auxiliary file using \write and among other things I have authors names that often include accented letters. If I use the string explicitly the accented letters are expanded into TeX commands, but I can solve this by using \unexpanded. However, if the string is contained in a variable, and I use \unexpanded, I get the name of the variable instead of its content. The command \unexpanded works fine again if the variable is a command parameter, for example #1.

I don't have an understanding of expansion that is clear enough to sort this out, so any help is appreciated. All I want to do is to write the content of a variable holding a string with accented letters to the text file.

Thank you!

Here is a minimal example:

  1. \documentclass{article}
  2. \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}
  4. \newwrite\file
  5. \immediate\openout\file=\jobname_extra.txt
  6. \AtEndDocument{\closeout\file}
  8. \begin{document}
  9. \immediate\write\file{Test 1} % works fine
  10. \immediate\write\file{José} % expands into TeX code
  11. \immediate\write\file{\unexpanded{José}} % works fine
  12. \def\mystring{José}
  13. \immediate\write\file{\mystring} % expands into TeX code
  14. \immediate\write\file{\unexpanded{\mystring}} % outputs \mystring literally
  15. \newcommand{\writeaccented}[1]{
  16. \immediate\write\file{\unexpanded{#1}}
  17. }
  18. \writeaccented{José} % works fine
  19. \end{document}

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Postby Johannes_B » Wed Sep 06, 2017 6:29 pm

The smart way: Calm down and take a deep breath, read posts and provided links attentively, try to understand and ask if necessary.

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