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Now available as ebook: The LaTeX Companion 2ed PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Stefan Kottwitz   
Tuesday, 15 October 2013 20:11

The famous LaTeX Companion in its second edition is now available in ebook formats: EPUB, MOBI, and PDF. There's no DRM protection, the ebook is just watermarked.

The LaTeX CompanionThe bundle in those three formats is available for $23.99. However, there's a promotion price for a limited time - you can get it for just $14.99. Or even for free: you can win a free copy on LaTeX-Community.org.

Paulo Cereda made screenshots of the Companion and allowed me to share them here - just samples to have a look, the content is of course copyrighted.

Here you can see the EPUB version on the iPad - I will use the original size to see the quality:


EBPUB sample page


And here's the title page of the PDF version:


PDF sample page


The various formats all have their advantages, for example

  • PDF: it has hyperlinks, it shows exactly the 100% original layout as intended, and you can read it on PCs, laptops and tablets, on most devices today
  • EPUB: looks especially nice on the iPad
  • MOBI and EPUB: very good for portable devices with small screens

Choose any of those three what fits best on your device, you can get all three together.

Until the end of this year, you can download it for $14.99 only. For getting the promotion price, enter this code, case sensitive: LATEXT2013

My experience when buying: I signed up on the InformIT site, i.e. created an account with my email address and a password. After I logged on, I noticed a better price: next to List Price: $29.99 I read Your Price: $23.99. I added it to my cart, proceeded to the checkout, and entered the promotion code. And the price became $14.99. Well, who can resist that? I noticed the date of expiration:

Discount Code: LATEXT2013 Description: Get The LaTeX Companion for $14.99.
Expires: Thursday, October 31, 2013
Discount Amount: up to $15.00

However, according to the author Frank Mittelbach, the promotion will run until December 31, 2013, so this time range will be fixed.

That book is a classic one. There are so many reviews already, you may have a look at his Amazon page if you are interested. Just my personal opinion: while I would recommend my LaTeX guide just for beginners, the Companion is the book I would recommend to the experienced user and to all beginners, who are seriously interested.

There are sample pages of the printed version available for download, including the table of contents and the whole chapter 3: Download.

Note, there may be other vendors of that book, take care, there are DRM versions outside, which are of limited use.

Our German TeX friends may be interested in todays review by Clemens: Den LaTeX Companion gibt’s jetzt als eBook.

On LaTeX-Community.org, you can get the book for free! We started a contest - the winner will get a code for free download. Come back soon to read more.

Finally, the link to the ebook again: LaTeX Companion 2ed (eBook formats) icon


avatar Hans Nieuwenhuis
Thanks for the tip!
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