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Ok, so you are thinking about writing an article. Great! This page will give you an overview about writing articles for LaTeX Community.

What should Articles be about?

You can write articles about any LaTeX-related issue for which you think that it might be interesting to others. You do not need to be a LaTeX-professional to write useful articles. Just think of the many LaTeX beginners, who may be happy about introductional articles. Just try to remember what caused you pain when you started learning LaTeX. Of maybe you recently have figured out something LaTeX-related, that costed you some time? Go ahead and write an article about it.

Here are some examples of possible articles:

  • an quick start guide for a LaTeX newbie (instlling a distribution, a useful editor, writing the first document and viewing its output)
  • a comparison of different LaTeX distributions
  • a description about a special LaTeX package or document class
  • a manual covering TeXnicCenter templates
  • ...

Who can write articles?

Just contact us using the contact form and we will provide you a possibility to write your article online.

Where to go next?

Go on reading about how to write an article.


avatar thschiavo
Is it possible to edit a published (or posted) article? Or some way to see how my article would be when published...?
avatar sven
The preview feature does not really work suitable at the moment. But you can edit your article all the time -- even after submitting/publishing. Before I publish an article, I will ensure, that enhanced features like syntax highlighting in code examples and thumbnail images work as expected.
avatar thschiavo
Actually, it seems that the LaTeX Community developers are having a lot of work... There are some other things that doesn't work properly, but I really think it's getting cool and the result will be a great articles repository... I'm so animated that I'm writing a article already...

I have a question about syntax highlighting: we should use "preformatted" and specify the language, right? But... when I insert my code, some of the characters just disappear after saving as draft. For example, \begin{document} becomes begin{document} after saving and opening my article again. Am I doing something wrong?
avatar sven
Yes, you are right, there is still some work to do. Please go on letting me know, if you encounter errors.

The backslash issue is fixed: Backslashes should not be removed anymore so that \begin{document} will stay as it is.
avatar thschiavo
Thanks! : )
Well, I could not test it because, since this morning, just after my last message, the article's editor isn't working. It seems like the javascripts aren't work, because I can edit my article, but not save it or preview it. I tested in other computer and I got the same error...
avatar sven
That's really curious. I have tested yesterday and now again in Firefox 3.0.1, Opera 9.62 and Internet Explorer 7.0.6 and everything works as expected. I was also able to open your draft and edit it. I have also cleared my browser's caches to ensure, that there aren't any old javascript snippets in the cache.

Which browser are you using? (BtW: Thanks for your patients -- the current draft of your article looks great!)
avatar thschiavo
I thank you for all your work! hehe And thanks for the comment about my draft, i'm now converting that images using thumbnails using Emacs.

My currently browser: Firefox, version 3.0.5. My OS: Ubuntu running XFCE. I have also tested the editor in Internet Explorer and Chrome in Windows XP/Vista, Seamonkey in Ubuntu. Here's what happens: I can open the editor. When I try to save as draft the current text, nothing happens; even if I go into "Your articles" section and re-open my article, I can see nothing is saved. Also, the preview button and the "edit code" button in editor's page doesn't work, they open a pop-up but don't show anything. Otherwise, I apparently still can upload images.

Thanks a lot, Sven.
avatar sven
Sorry for the long delay, but I was/am ill... :-|

Switching to mail...
avatar sven
To all others, following this thread: We have solved the problem and it looked as it was specific to thschiavo's article text. It should work find for all others -- if not, please let me know.
avatar rahul
LaTeX file start with below command.


[11pt] is point size of your output text.

{article} is a class file.

LaTeX reserves a number of the less common keyboard characters for its own use.
Don't type the 10 special characters (such as dollar sign and backslash
The ten characters are:

# $ % & ~ _ ^ \ { and }

The following seven are printed by typing a backslash in front of them:

$ \& \# \% \_ \{ and \}.

Best Regards,
avatar jonasson
Hello folks!
I was just wondering how to find *all* the articles, but I guess the answer is that "latest articles" really means "all"?!
avatar sven
Hi Jonasson,

unfortunately you are right. There are just a few articles. This didn't work out the way I have hoped :-|

avatar pankajgpatel
Hello Friends:
I am new using Latex. I am writing a book. I already have 20 chapters written in Latex that I need to combine in one file. I made a master.tex where I have preamble, begin, include{chapter1}, include{chapter2}......etc. and end statement. Each chapter compiles fine in Latex and produces perfect output when I compile individually (each chapter is having its own preamble, begin and end statements). But when I compile master.tex, it gives me lots of errors. What is the best way to invoke all these chapters without removing anything from individual chapters. I shall really appreciate your help.

Thanks a lot,
avatar sven
Hi, Jou should post your question to the forum instead (see forum link at the top).
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