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Unable to install Lyx on my Surface Book 2

Postby Rick Taylor » Sat Sep 01, 2018 8:40 pm

Hello everyone,

I’m a math instructor in a community college in Cupertino California.

I just bought a new Microsoft Windows Surface Book 2. After having to remove and re-install LyX with Mik-TeX several times, I think it’s almost working.

MikTeX appears to be working. I’m able to create and process documents using TexWorks.

When I load a tutorial document in LyX and hit ^R, it tells me “No PDF viewer installed. Please Install a PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader.” After that, Windows told me "LyX2.3exe has stopped working” and closed the program for me.

As I said, MikTeX seems to be able to find a PDF viewer fine, and of course the installer for LyX installed a copy of Ghostscript, so I’m baffled as to why this isn’t working, and why LyX froze.

When I go into LyX and select Tools>Preferences>File Handling>File Formats, under Viewer it says “none.” When I bring down the dropdown list under viewer, the only other choice is custom.

When I go under Tools>Preferences>Path and look under Path prefix, I see a long list that includes the directory for Ghostscript.

$LyXDir\bin;$LyXDir\Python;$LyXDir\Python\Lib;$LyXDir\Perl\bin;$LyXDir\imagemagick;C:\Users\Misty\AppData\Local\Programs\MiKTeX 2.9\miktex\bin\x64;C:\Users\Misty\AppData\Local\LyX 2.3\ghostscript\bin;C:\Program Files\Inkscape

I’ve tried Tools>Reconfigure.

I would very much appreciate help on what I should try next.

Thank you,

Rick Taylor

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