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Problems with documentclass "Koma-Script-Bericht"

Postby Shiba » Mon Jun 25, 2018 4:30 pm

Hello everyone,
i use the german version Lyx 2.2. My English is not so well, I hope you understand me :-)
I´m writing a mathematical paper and use the documentclass "Koma-Skript-Bericht". I got a model/template from the internet and in this I can choose "chapter", "section" etc. and also "definition" "lemma" etc. I can choose definition or numbered definition, too. Now I want to choose the numered definition andd directly after that the numered definition again, so that I can refer to that definitions later in the text. When I choose numered definition I get "definition 1" and when I put Enter two times I get back to "standard", but when I choose numered definiton again I get one row up again to definition 1 and don´t get "definition 2".
I hope someone can help me and you understand what I mean. ;)
Best regards,

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