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Making bar diagrams

Postby Hakarl » Sat Apr 14, 2018 3:36 pm

Hello everyone,

I am trying to build simple bar diagrams in a latex document and found the bardiag package. I have read the description for the package but I unsure about the preamble needed to use this package. I am a relative newbie so still learning. Other use use package{bardiag} and say document class{article} for example what else do I need to make this thing run?

Many thanks


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Stefan Kottwitz
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Postby Stefan Kottwitz » Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:42 pm

Hi Hakarl!

Have a look at this example:

I made it using the pgfplots package. The example has a complete preamble and all necessary settings.

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Postby Hakarl » Sun Apr 15, 2018 3:54 pm


Thanks for the advice. I will try the pgfplots package instead. The bardiag package seems to be obsolete by the way and in fact latex recommends using pstricks instead when you try to compile using bardiag.


P. S. I have the manual you referred to.

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