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Options for "Files" tool window

Postby kromuchi » Thu Oct 16, 2014 2:54 pm

I would suggest to provide some options for the "Files" Tool Window of TexnicCenter. I don't really know how this file tree is generated by default, but apparently the main file is (recursively) scanned for \input{}, \include{} and \includegraphics{} and maybe some more.

However, commands defined by extra packages (e.g. subfiles) are ignored. This is not a surprise, as TexnicCenter cannot know all possible tex-commands, but maybe some option could be introduced in TexnicCenter to extend the commands for recursive scanning of the files list.

I would even suggest to make this a project-specific option (within the tcp file) but I would also be happy to see that feature in the main options of TC. Then people could add i.e. \subfile{} to the list and subfiles and its child files (i.e. figures) would also appear in the files list.

(disclaimer: I have looked around for quite a long time and did not found a solution for that yet. If there is an existing solution for that, I apologize)


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