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File Input inside new Command doesn't work properly

Postby LaTeXer » Mon Nov 04, 2013 5:00 pm

Hey guys,

I am using TeXnicCenter (TXC) 2.0 Beta 2 (32bit).

I was creating a new command for \input of .tex files including other functionality as followed:

  1. % Command for including a finding into the report
  2. \newcommand{\ReportIncludeFinding}[1]{
  3. \renewcommand{\ReportFindingFileName}{#1}
  4. \input{\ReportPathFindings#1}
  5. }

Normally if I use \input I see all my files in the data tree from of the Explorer Tool, so that I am able to click directly on the file I want to edit. But with this new command, this feature of \input doesn't work anymore. So I always have to open the explorer in an own window a pull the files into TXC.

I know that this is just a short code snippet I provided, tell me if you need more ;)

Greets ;)

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