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Wenneker template stopped working: xkeyval error

Postby u220e » Wed Nov 25, 2020 11:29 pm

Hi. I compiled my article using the Wenneker template (through TeXworks) yesterday afternoon, and everything was completely fine. Updated my database via MiKTeX this morning, and now I keep getting the following error upon compiling:

("C:\Program Files\MiKTeX\tex/latex/xkeyval\xkeyval.sty"
! I can't find file `xkeyval'.
l.39 ...XKeyValLoaded\endinput\else\input xkeyval
Please type another input file name:

I checked my MiKTeX database, and "xkeyval.sty" was installed. So, I uninstalled it, reinstalled it, and I got the same error. Then I uninstalled it and ran the compiler (pdfLaTeX) hoping it would download it on the fly, which it started to do, but then couldn't finish for some reason. All my files and programs are up to date, and I didn't change anything in the structure.tex file for the master template. I'm finding a lot of these fancier templates use outdated packages, which makes compiling impossible. (Another template I liked called for the "SelfArx" package, which isn't even in the MiKTeX database.)

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Wenneker template stopped working: xkeyval error

Postby Bartman » Thu Nov 26, 2020 2:32 am

The XCharter package loaded in the structure.tex file loads the xkeyval package. The problem should be fixed soon with an update.

Then the next issue could arise.

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Wenneker template stopped working: xkeyval error

Postby Vel » Sat Dec 05, 2020 2:17 am

You can also download an older version of that package and put it in the same directory as the template and it should be preferentially used.
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