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Install problems miktex

Postby poeli » Wed Mar 12, 2014 9:13 am

Hi all,

I had miktex + texmaker on my pc and it worked quite well for a while. I wanted to make a nomenclature but texmaker just got stuck every single time i tried pdflatex from then on. I was so desperate that i even uninstalled miktex and reinstalled it. (Uninstalling texmaker and installing it again worked once too, but not anymore).
While installing miktex i got a lot of errors that files were missing. That's why I downloaded the complete miktex and installed it. Now I installed texmaker again and I tried to do a pdflatex to a random document. Pdflatex still gets stuck, i just see 'process started' and it seems like texmaker is frozen (but i do can click on stuff like quick compilation). ... sp=sharing

Once it also asked me to install dehyph-exptl – Experimental hyphenation patterns for the German language, which is odd, when everything is written in english. Could it be i do have errors in the miktex installation? This is getting so frustrating. Tried to install miktex with pdf uninstalled, wifi off, different folders. It's wasting time. I hope anyone here can help. Even the most simple documents can't be compiled with pdflatex.
Screen: ... sp=sharing


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