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NIH Grant proposal - alphabetical Bibliography & References

Postby renelabounek » Mon Apr 19, 2021 8:25 pm

I am reading a recent NIH "The Grant Application Write's Workbook" (May 2020 edition; authors John D. Roberston, Stephen W. Russell and David C. Morrison) and find discrepancy between public available "NIH Grant proposal" template and actual prerequisities.
Workbook URL:

NIH instruction: "Present Bibliography and References in alphabetical order based on tha last name of the first (or only) author". (e.g. point 5. on page 88 of the Workbook; or point 25. on page 89 of the Workbook)

Latex template avaiable here: The template uses numeric references ordered based on order appearance in the text.

How can I easily modify the template to switch to alphabetical citing style and still using only PMID numbers and no forbiden URL links, etc.? As NIH requires...

Thanks for any help,

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