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! LaTeX Error: File `mhchem.sty’ not found error

Postby templateuser » Sat Mar 21, 2015 9:46 am

I downloaded the package which includes 3 files: lab_report_1.tex, placeholder.jpg, and sample.bib

But I can’t run (typeset) the tex file. :(

Here’s the error message: “! LaTeX Error: File `mhchem.sty’ not found.

Where is the sty file?



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Postby Vel » Sat Mar 21, 2015 9:47 am

Hi Navid,

It looks like you’re missing the mhchem package. You can get it in one of two ways: 1) your LaTeX distribution should have a package manager which you can use to download and update packages – you should be able to download it through this 2) you can search for the mhchem.sty, download it and put it in the directory of the template tex file.

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Postby Jenni » Wed Jan 27, 2016 9:30 pm

I did refresh FNDB but still it gives
LaTeX Error: File 'feathergraphics/1' not found

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Postby Jenni » Wed Jan 27, 2016 9:31 pm

Plz help me.....

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Postby Johannes_B » Wed Jan 27, 2016 9:51 pm

Welcome, it seems like this is a completely different and unrelated topic. Please open up new thread.
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Postby Stefan Kottwitz » Wed Jan 27, 2016 10:29 pm

Hi Jenni,

welcome to the forum!

Feel free to open a new topic. You can just click the "New topic" button in a sub forum list. So we can see your question easily. Here, in a "mhchem.sty"-topic nobody expects some graphics file related issue.

It was already said by Johannes, mainly I wanted to add: post some more information, such as: what is your file called "1" - a jpg, png, pdf, eps or any other file, and how do you compile your file. As said, in a new topic, your own one. We got space for millions of topics, so don't hesitate.

Stefan admin

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