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Customize color of frame's section head/foot

Postby levy » Mon Nov 07, 2016 9:12 am

Hi everyone,

I would like to change to my favorite Green color (of the svgnames package) the default color of the frame's section head and foot (I don't know what it's exactly called, but basically it's where presenters often put his name, seminar name/venue, dates, and page number, both on top and at bottom of the frame.

I'm a rather inexperienced Beamer user. Could you please help?

\documentclass [xcolor=svgnames, t] {beamer} 
\usepackage{booktabs, comment} 
\usepackage[absolute, overlay]{textpos} 
%%% Beamer them customization
\usetheme{CambridgeUS} % I like this them but want to customize it a bit
\usecolortheme[named=Green]{structure} % I want this color, etc.
\setbeamercolor{normal text}{fg=black} % Control text color
\setbeamercolor{title}{fg=Green} % Color of slide title
\setbeamercolor{frametitle}{fg=Green,bg=Green!0} % Color of frame title
\setbeamercolor{section in head/foot}{bg=Green}
\setbeamercolor{author in head/foot}{bg=Green}
\setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{} % Turn off all nagivation symbols 
\setbeamertemplate{frametitle continuation}{} % Enable frame breaks but suppress numbering 
\newenvironment{reference}[2]{ %
	\begin{textblock*} {\textwidth} (#1, #2) 
		\footnotesize\it\bgroup\color{red!50!black}} {\egroup\end{textblock*}}
\usepackage[]{hyperref} % Use "hidelinks" option to make links black. Put "linktocpage" as an option will show red link around page numbes in TOC only, not the whole text and page numbers
\hypersetup{colorlinks=True, linkcolor=white, citecolor=Green, urlcolor=blue, pdfstartview={XYZ null null 1.73}, pdfcreator={}, pdfauthor={}, pdftitle={}, bookmarksopenlevel=1} 
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% STARTING! %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
\title[\textcolor{Green}{My Seminar Here}] {Presentation Title}
\subtitle[]{\textcolor{black}{\scriptsize }} % Nice consistent color: Maroon
\author[\textcolor{white}{My Name Here}]
		\small Author 1's Name\inst{\dagger}\\ 
		\and Author 2's Name \inst{\dagger}\\ 
		\and Author 3's Name\inst{\S} \\ 
		\and Author 4's Name\inst{\P} \\ 
		\and Author 5's Name\inst{\dagger} 
		\inst{\dagger} \scriptsize University 1 \and 
	    \inst{\S} \scriptsize University 2 \and 
	    \inst{\P} \scriptsize University 3
\date[\textcolor{Green}{\today}]{Place, 201X}

	\begin{frame} [plain] \label{titlepage}
				\item First
				\item Second
				\item Third
				\item Fourth
				\item Fifth
				\item Conclusions
	\subsection{First results}
	Two things I can't figure out how to do:
		\item 	How to convert "First results" as shown in ``Section in Head" from WHITE color to Green color (Green color of svgnames)?
		\item How to convert the PAGE NUMBER from DEFAULT Maroon-looking or Brown-looking number to Green to be consistent with GREEN color?


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Stefan Kottwitz
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Postby Stefan Kottwitz » Wed Nov 09, 2016 2:40 pm

Hi Levy,

welcome to the forum!

Add to your preamble:

\setbeamercolor{subsection in head/foot}{bg=Green}
\setbeamercolor{title in head/foot}{bg=Green}
\setbeamercolor{date in head/foot}{bg=Green}

Or, another rough way:

\setbeamercolor*{palette primary}{bg=Green}
\setbeamercolor*{palette secondary}{bg=Green}

Add fg=something to the argument (separated by a comma) if you need to change that too.

Stefan admin

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