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Formatting theorem environment in Beamer

Postby asafw » Wed Jun 10, 2015 2:29 am


I'm using Madrid theme for a Beamer presentation.
I would like to change the appearance of theorem-like boxes from the default.
I am currently using the following code that I found online, to remove the encapsulating box.
I would like to further (i) change the font size of the title of the box, and (ii) add a line frame around the content of the box. How can I do this?

Thank you very much,

  1. \documentclass[]{beamer}
  2. \usetheme{Madrid}
  4. %\setbeamerfont{frametitle}{size=\tiny}
  5. %\setbeamerfont{block title}{size=\tiny}
  6. \setbeamerfont{block title}{size=\tiny}
  8. \setbeamertemplate{theorem begin}{{
  9. \inserttheoremheadfont
  10. \inserttheoremname
  11. \inserttheoremnumber
  12. \ifx\inserttheoremaddition\@empty\else\ (\inserttheoremaddition)\fi%
  13. \inserttheorempunctuation
  14. }}
  15. \setbeamertemplate{theorem end}{}
  17. \begin{document}
  18. \begin{frame}
  19. \begin{theorem}[blah]
  20. \small
  22. Hello World!
  23. \end{theorem}
  24. \end{frame}
  25. \end{document}


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