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APA Style master / doctoral thesis.

Postby Max1million » Mon Feb 08, 2021 3:59 pm

Hi together,

First of all I want to thank your for the latex template.(Overleaf template:
For that I configured my style how I need it.

But there is one problem with the APA6 citation style.

I your template you say at in-text citation:
references according to \cite{Reference1}. = output references according to Hollberg, 2019.

But it should be:
references according to Holzberg (2019).

Same in the Bibliothek.
You say Url: ... 8-2344-1_1

But it should be:
Retrieved from: ... 8-2344-1_1

Can you maybe help me with changing your citation style to APA 6th version? Personal Zoom Call??

Thanks in advance,

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