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Multiple Supervisors  Topic is solved

Postby crashpole » Tue Jun 02, 2015 3:18 am

\supervisor{{Firstname \textsc{LASTNAME}} % Supervisor name
% {\hspace{1cm}}} % whith space for alignement when 2 authors (uncomment)
\degree{ degree }
\authors{{Firstname1 \textsc{lastname1}}\\ % First person
{Firstname2 \textsc{lastname2}}} %Second person


I have followed the suggestion above (that was posted on a previous post for creating multiple authors) to create multiple supervisors. However, titles "Author" and "Supervisor" are not aligned now. I tried the \hspace stuff that is under the supervisor but hasn't been effective.

Thank you very much.


EDIT: I have found the solution, maybe not the most feasible one but it works. Maybe it will help someone else. Here it is:

  1. \authors{{FirstName \textsc{LastName}} \\ {\hspace{1cm}} \\ {\hspace{1cm}} \\ {\hspace{1cm}}\\}

There are three hspace things with \\ because I have entered three aditional lines to the supervisors.


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Postby cgnieder » Tue Jul 07, 2015 11:46 am

Hi. Can you post your solution as a new post and mark that as the solution then? Otherwise your question will appear as unanswered post in the forum search. (And now, after I added this post at least as unsolved…)

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