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Latex to PDF to KDP

Postby villanova » Wed Mar 15, 2023 9:43 pm

I am trying to self publish a math book with Amazon KDP.

As far as I can tell, one must write the math book in latex and then compile the latex code into a proper PDF, and then submit a proper PDF into the KDP page in Amazon for publication. The PDF must be compiled to have the correct dimensions, margins, trim size, etc such that it will feed into the KDP book such that it will agree with the KDP actual printing process of a 6 x 9 paperback math book.

Trouble is that the Amazon help desk doesn't support Latex help , only MS WORD. Therefor I am clueless on how to get the Latex code to compile into a PDF with correct dimensions for the KDP.

I think what I need is a latex template with the correct dimensions within it that will compile into a PDF that KDP will like. I would like to get started writing the book but I need some help getting the formatting correct so I can adapt as I go along and I won't have to make a lot of changes later.

Thanks !!! , help is much appreciated

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Latex to PDF to KDP

Postby Frankinfish » Sun May 07, 2023 3:54 am

A lot of us have found it a challenge to convert Amazon print books, especially math based books and textbooks, that were originally in the PDF format, into Kindle. After much agony I finally worked out a way using Amazon's Kindle Creator. It worked for the huge statistics print book that I originally created using a latex type editor, LyX.

So, I made this video that shows how to convert your PDF file into the KPF format for clean readable results uploading to Amazon’s Kindle, even when there are lots of equations or other challenges.

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Latex to PDF to KDP

Postby Frankinfish » Sat May 20, 2023 2:21 am

Sorry, I do not have such a template but my YouTube contains the only way I could find that will get your equations from paper print to Kindle. You can simply get LyX go to the Document pull down select choose document and then select KOMA script. You can elect defaults, that is up to you, but you can look on Amazon to choose a height and width to enter there in the page layout. Things like margins can be inserted later, but for big books the Inner margin may need to be as large as 1.4 for a large print book. Sorry, I see that you are targeting 6X9 so set that in the Document Settings area. The Document settings you use for the book are up to you but they can always be changed after publication. They probably should not be the same for the print book and the Kindle version.

LyX is a rather steep learning curve and I sympathize. I just made up my own bibliography rather than using a built in system. However, there is not much of anything easy; it was very hard. However, there are a lot of YouTube videos that show how to use LyX. Then you can go to, to get that into the Kindle format and publish it in that form. The results were beautiful when finally published.

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