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Microscopy and Microanalysis Bibliography Template

Postby bjack205 » Tue Jun 28, 2016 5:14 pm

This isn't a question but rather hopefully an answer to questions people may have in the future, since after searching long and hard online, I couldn't find anything out there. I've attached a .bst file to correctly format bibliography and citations for LaTeX submissions to the journal of Microscopy and Microanalysis. File is courtesy of Marc DeGraef at Carnegie Mellon University.

The file was created using the custom-bib package and uses the natbib bibliography package. To use simply import the natbib package:

and to print the bibliography and set the citation style:

The journal uses author, year citation style, using "et al" for more than 2 authors. Sample in-text citation:
Paragraph text about something (Smith, 2016; Anderson et al., 2015).

The bibliography style capitalizes author names and uses first initials. Bibliography is listed in alphabetical order. A couple examples for journal article references:
ANDERSON, B., SMITH, J., JOHNSON, A. (2015) Another Journal Article, Another Journal Name 20, 214-216
SMITH, J. (2016). Name of the Journal Article, Journal Name 50, 1-4.

This my first post to the forum, so I hope this post is in the right location to help others.
Correct bibliography and citation formatting for Microscopy and Microanalysis journal.
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Postby sbstn » Tue Jul 19, 2016 3:32 am

Thanks for this. Very useful. I'm was looking for .cls latex style for MM but couldn't find one. Could you please share it if you have one?

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