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2019 options for LaTeX conversion

Postby Brian_D » Fri Feb 15, 2019 8:08 pm

As of early 2019, options include the following projects which are in active development:

The LaTeXML project is an external converter to XML which emulates low-level TeX constructs, so it works better than most other external converters.

The LaTeX TeX4ht package can generate HTML or DOC files directly, uses TeX directly, and is more likely to work with complicated LaTeX expressions than external converters.

The LaTeX lwarp package also uses TeX directly. It supports complicated LaTeX expressions and hundreds of packages, and generates HTML including fancy tables. When pasting from HTML into a word processor, complicated tables paste well but figures and cross references must be fixed afterwards unless the document is just for review.

Pandoc converts a large number of formats including LaTeX into an internal representation, from which many output formats including PDF, HTML, and DOC may be generated. There is less support for TeX-specific expressions, complicated tables, cross-references, or packages.
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