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APAcite package, author index, bbl-file, command \AX

Postby vanessaca » Thu Oct 18, 2018 5:12 pm

Hey guys,

I would like to have all authors in my author index (not only the first author of a paper). I'm fucking around with this apacite package now since ages, I came too far to go back, but I really cannot recommend it.
The manual says following:

"The connection between the .bbl file and the author index is through \AX commands that are entered by apacitex.bst in the .bbl file. These are responsible for the author indexing facilities. By looking at the contents of the .bbl file, it is not difficult to see how problematic cases must be edited. For example, the entry for Bender is generated by the following lines:
\AX{bender jdirector @Bender, J\BPBI
This can be changed to
\AX{bender j @Bender, J.}%
which is formatted correctly in the author index without the need for advanced LATEX code, and conflicts with hyperref are resolved. Note that apacite uses the ⟨key⟩@⟨visual⟩ form of indexing. This form is used in MakeIndex to distinguish between the actual representation in the index and the place where it should occur. The ⟨key⟩ is used by MakeIndex to sort the entry, but the entry actually appearing in the index is ⟨visual⟩. In the ⟨key⟩ part as formatted by apacite, all names are in lower case letters and all accents and punctuation are removed. Furthermore, apacite inserts two spaces between surname and initials, and to MakeIndex, two spaces are different from one space. Spaces between surnames are removed, as well as spaces between initials. Finally, note that apacite always inserts a new line before the “@”. This is to avoid bad line breaks by BibTEX. To MakeIndex, this means that each citation ⟨key⟩ ends with a space.
The author index of the current document does not contain entries for the authors Shocked and Goodenough as cited in section 13, although it does for the reference list part. The reason for this is that the key field was used for the citations. If you use the key (and firstkey) field and you want the authors in the author index as well, you have to include the index command \AX explicitly. For example, the key field for Michelle Shocked is
key = {{\protect\bibsong{Shocked}{1992}{Over the Waterfall}{track~5}}},
and if we change this into
key = {{\protect\bibsong{Shocked\AX{shocked m @Shocked, M.}}{1992}{Over the Waterfall}{track~5}}},
then citations to her are included in the author index.

However, I cannot find any "key" field in my .bbl-file. I am working with BibDesk, if that helps.
I hope somebody can help me further, this bloody apacite package made me spent so many hours googeling or just working with try and error (which does not feel right if you have to change security settings in your Terminal), thus I cannot give up now.... emotionally ;)

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