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Nomenclature on Texstudio on Mac OS-X

Postby Pink » Mon Jul 29, 2019 9:49 am


I've followed every thread I can find to implement nomenclature on my elsarticle Latex document using Texstudio, but nothing has worked for me so far. Here's what I have done so far:
  1. % In preamble:
  2. \immediate\write18{makeindex \jobname.nlo -s -o \jobname.nls}
  3. \documentclass[review]{elsarticle}
  4. \usepackage[intoc]{nomencl}
  5. \makenomenclature
  7. % In the document:
  8. \nomenclature{$a$}{The number of angels per unit area}
  9. \printnomenclature

I have a Mac OSX system, so I don't have the option to 'Configure TexStudio' from the drop-down menu, so I typed this into the Terminal:

  1. pdflatex "/Users/myname/OneDrive/elsarticle-template/v2 draft".tex
  3. makeindex "/Users/myname/OneDrive/elsarticle-template/v2 draft".nlo -s -o "/Users/myname/OneDrive/elsarticle-template/v2 draft".nls -t %.nlg
  5. pdflatex "/Users/myname/OneDrive/elsarticle-template/v2 draft".tex

In this, the full address of my file is : "/Users/myname/OneDrive/elsarticle-template/v2 draft"

I have also tried a few times with just the file name, and not the full address. However, absolutely nothing has worked!

I would really appreciate any input on what is wrong in my implementation.
Thanks a lot!

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Postby rais » Mon Jul 29, 2019 10:29 pm

I would refrain from spaces in filenames.
Additionally, I'd check for the presence of a .nlo file first, before trying to invoke \write18 on it.
And then there's no output of \printnomenclature, as long as there's no text at all...
Code: [Select all] [Expand/Collapse] [Download] ({untitled.tex})
  1. \documentclass[review]{elsarticle}
  2. \IfFileExists{\jobname.nlo}{%
  3. \immediate\write18{makeindex \jobname.nlo -s -o \jobname.nls}%
  4. }{%
  5. \typeout{No `\jobname.nlo' file yet---skipping makeindex call.}%
  6. }
  7. \usepackage[intoc]{nomencl}
  8. \makenomenclature
  10. \begin{document}
  11. % In the document:
  12. x\nomenclature{$a$}{The number of angels per unit area}
  13. \printnomenclature
  14. \end{document}

works for me (just running pdfLaTeX on it), as long as there's no space in \jobname and (restricted) shell-escape is enabled (for me, shell-escape is enabled in restricted mode by default, you may need to add -shell-escape or -shell-restricted to your pdfLaTeX call)

[edit] running pdfLaTeX twice, at least, of course[/edit]

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Postby Pink » Tue Jul 30, 2019 9:01 pm

Thanks so much, rais!! I started following your points starting from the simplest. It turns out that all I needed to do was remove the space in the file name. Then magically, a nomenclature appeared! I'm super happy this finally works, and it's been a good lesson that it's best to avoid spaces in names, even if everything seems to be ok for most things.

Thanks again!

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