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Re: natbib undefined citations

Postby kaiserkarl13 » Wed Feb 20, 2013 7:43 pm

balajiSankar, I'm actually surprised that worked at all; it shouldn't have, and it doesn't on my machine. You wrote:
  2. @ARTICLE{gasTurbineCombustor_GeneralMotors_AIAA}
  3. AUTHOR = {"N.K.Rizk , H.C.Mongia"},
  4. TITLE = {"Gas Turbine combustor performance evaluation"},
  5. YEAR = {"1991"},
  6. JOURNAL = {"29^{th } Aerospace sciences meeting"},
  7. NUMBER = {"AIAA-91-0640"},
  8. }

It should be something like:
  1. @ARTICLE{gasTurbineCombustor_GeneralMotors_AIAA,
  2. AUTHOR = "N.K. Rizk and H.C. Mongia",
  3. TITLE = "Gas Turbine combustor performance evaluation",
  4. YEAR = 1991,
  5. JOURNAL = "29{\textsuperscript{th}} Aerospace sciences meeting",
  6. NUMBER = "AIAA-91-0640",
  7. }

The most important things that were wrong with the above code: the "and" between author names, the comma after the key (first line), and the extra braces around the TeX code for superscripts (I chose to use \textsuperscript since you're superscripting text, but you could easily put math mode in there as well provided it's inside braces so as to expand directly).
I say "something like" because there are still a number of problems with this. (1) There is a number, but no volume; (2) This is not a journal article, it's an inproceedings. There are others.

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Postby jamesray » Mon Feb 05, 2018 6:06 am

balajiSankar wrote:Hi,

I had the same problem . This is what solved it.
I was having entries like the one below:

AUTHOR = {N.K.Rizk , H.C.Mongia},
TITLE = {Gas Turbine combustor performance evaluation},
YEAR = {1991},
JOURNAL = {29^{th } Aerospace sciences meeting},
NUMBER = {AIAA-91-0640},

This was giving the undefined citations error. When i changed them to

AUTHOR = {"N.K.Rizk , H.C.Mongia"},
TITLE = {"Gas Turbine combustor performance evaluation"},
YEAR = {"1991"},
JOURNAL = {"29^{th } Aerospace sciences meeting"},
NUMBER = {"AIAA-91-0640"},

it worked and all were happy :-)

That may have worked for you, but it caused the build to fail for me:
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  1. ! Improper alphabetic constant.
  2. <to be read again>
  3. \csqQQ
  4. l.99 \cite{buterin2013ethereum}
  5. first proposed the kernel of this work in la...

It's better to stick with style conventions, e.g. as outlined here:

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Postby jamesray » Mon Feb 05, 2018 6:34 am

See't_LaTeX_generate_any_output? for information about warnings like
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  1. LaTeX Warning: Citation `lamport94' on page 1 undefined on input line 21.
  2. ...
  3. LaTeX Warning: There were undefined references.

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