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Printbibliography produces Unicode U+0099 Error

Postby andre_grube » Thu Jul 21, 2022 11:55 am

Hello dear Latex Community,

I'm currently a bit in a hurry writing my bachelor thesis and encountered the problem that all of a sudden Texmaker gave me the error

"! LaTeX Error: Unicode character ™ (U+0099)
not set up for use with LaTeX."

Just fyi: U+0099 is the Trademark "^{TM}" symbol.

I narrowed the problem down to the \printbibliography, which produces an error even if there is only one entry in the bib file.

The minimal I created example is the following (please excuse it incase there is one or two lines that are unnecessary still):


\usepackage[a4paper, left=3cm, right=4cm, top=2cm, bottom=2cm]{geometry}

	sorting= nyt,
	natbib = true,
	maxcitenames = 1

\usepackage[skip=2pt,font=footnotesize]{caption} %smaller captions


hallo \cite{Easterlin_2021}



with the bib file containing

title = {Why Does Happiness Respond Differently to an Increase vs. Decrease in Income?},
author = {Easterlin, Richard},
year = {2021},

I can't seem to find any character that could be problematic and I'm extra confused since biblatex without any problems. I would understand if the error came from some entry in the .bib-file, but I had this one from the very start of writing and it always worked.

I also reinstalled exmaker 5.1.3 since I was running 5.1.2 beforehand, but it didnt do anythig.

If anyone has any idea what I can try to fix it, I would appreciate it very much!

Best regards,

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Kreuz Elf
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Printbibliography produces Unicode U+0099 Error

Postby Kreuz Elf » Sat Jul 23, 2022 11:31 am

hello andre. this is a little bit strange because I can't reproduce your error. Your given minimal working example compiles on my system without any errors. Maybe you have to configure your texmaker to use biber and not bibtex or something else for the compile step. I'm not to familiar with texmaker but in texstudio you have to do that configuration manually since the default is bibtex.

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Printbibliography produces Unicode U+0099 Error

Postby andre_grube » Sat Jul 23, 2022 12:52 pm

Hi Kreuz,

I couldnt figure out where the problem lies, but I did fix it by taking the foundation of an old paper that still compiles (somehow...) and copying in all the text.

But still no clue how it happened since I basically have the same code now than I had before and it works.

Still thank you very much for taking your time and investigating!

Best regards,

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Printbibliography produces Unicode U+0099 Error

Postby fjmalmaraz » Wed Aug 03, 2022 1:06 pm

I had a similar problem and after including the option safeinputenc is correctly typeset the document

In the reference document us explained that biber could include utf-8 not accepted by inputenc package ... blatex.pdf

I hope it will be useful.

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