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Common bibliography in shared folder between Windows and Mac?

Postby WestonAxel » Thu Aug 27, 2020 12:45 pm

Hi Everyone

We are two guys starting up a thesis writing i lyx. We are using a master file and child documents for the individual sections. All the documents are in a folder shared through dropbox. Everything works well except for using a common bibliography. We cannot refer to the same bibliography file. This is not surprising, however, because the path for the .bib-file looks different from the mac and the windows computer. I just don't know how to fix this, because I cannot find a folder to put the shared dropbox file on both computers that share the exact same name due to the differences in Mac and PC path-setup.

I read something online about using relative paths instead of the default absolute paths using an add-on program, however, I cannot figure out whether this solves the issue and if it does how to implement it exactly.

I downloaded Pandoc to try it out, but it seemed to me, that it only solved the issue of converting the .lyx file into .pdf using relative paths (I did not quit get all the way trough with this, so I might be wrong).

If I am correct though, this is not good enough, because we want to be able to cite using the same bibliography throughout the writing of our thesis.

Have anyone had this issue earlier and have you found a solution?

I hope someone can help - thanks in advance!

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