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Changing separation characters in bibliography

Postby ciema7 » Fri Aug 30, 2019 6:19 pm


I have several tasks which i can't solve in my references list. My LaTeX file use .bib file with some books.

1) I would like to achieve these effect in my Reference List:

Lewandowski Robert: The art of football; Lewandowski and Sons; Warszawa; 2019

So as you can see i would like to use after Authors name the colon, then separate different things with semicolon. I suppose I must change some functions but I am a totally beginner and dont know how to set new options and where.

2) The second question is: is there a way to sort the authors' names alphabetically in one references position and globally for the whole References List?

For example in one references list it would be nice to have:

1. Blaszczykowski Jakub, Milik Arkadiusz: Why people should play football; PWN; Kraków; 2011
2. Lewandowski Robert, Piatek Krzysztof: The art of football; Lewandowski and Sons; Warszawa; 2019

Any help will be appreciated!

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