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Customize single book citation

Postby lucouto » Fri Dec 13, 2013 6:01 pm

Hi there,
I'm using LaTeX from some years now and it comes the time to write some Theology papers. So, I'm working with a specific book that I'd like to cite differently inside my document. The first time I quote a passage, the book reference appears in the footnote as :

Hans Urs von Balthasar. La dramatique divine. Trad. par Robert Givord et Camille
Dumont. T. III - L’action. Namur : Culture et vérité, 1990, p.295.

I know this is in French, but it's not very hard to understand what I'd like to do (so I hope!). You notice this is Volume III (T.III) of a 4 volume collection. And in this paper I will quote all the 4 volumes. The second time I quote this book, I get the following in the footnote :

Idem, La dramatique divine, p.321

Notice that I don't get the volume reference anymore! This is not acceptable for me just because in this example I now it's in page 321 but I don't know from what volume.

So, my question is : Is is possible to cite this specific book collection differently inside LaTeX? I'd like something like the following style in the footnote EVERY SINGLE TIME I quote theses books :


To cite for example the 3rd volume (III) from the book (Dramatique Divine) on page 321. If I'm going to cite volume II, I'd get this :


And so on…

I hope this is clear… I've upload a single page edited PDF example here showing the results I'm expecting :

Thanks in advance !

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