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Bibliography created by Biber remains empty

Postby lucqui » Fri Nov 08, 2013 3:37 am

I'm writing a resume that includes a publication list. I use a template I borrowed and I modified some minor things. The template requires Biber and XeLaTeX. I didn't have Biber on my machine (Fedora 19) so I downloaded and installed TeX Live 2013 (which includes it).
  1. \documentclass{friggeri-cv} % Add 'print' as an option into the square bracket to remove colors from this template for printing
  2. \usepackage{comment}
  3. \usepackage{helvet}
  4. %\pdfmapfile{}
  6. \addbibresource{bibliography.bib} % Specify the bibliography file to include publications
  8. \begin{document}
  10. \header{foo}{foo}{foo} % Your name and current job title/field
  12. \section{publications}
  14. \printbibsection{article}{article in peer-reviewed journal} % Print all articles from the bibliography
  16. \printbibsection{book}{books} % Print all books from the bibliography
  18. \begin{refsection} % This is a custom heading for those references marked as "inproceedings" but not containing "keyword=france"
  19. \nocite{*}
  20. \printbibliography[sorting=chronological, type=inproceedings, title={international peer-reviewed conferences/proceedings}, notkeyword={france}, heading=subbibliography]
  21. \end{refsection}
  23. \begin{refsection} % This is a custom heading for those references marked as "inproceedings" and containing "keyword=france"
  24. \nocite{*}
  25. \printbibliography[sorting=chronological, type=inproceedings, title={local peer-reviewed conferences/proceedings}, keyword={france}, heading=subbibliography]
  26. \end{refsection}
  28. \printbibsection{misc}{other publications} % Print all miscellaneous entries from the bibliography
  30. \printbibsection{report}{research reports} % Print all research reports from the bibliography
  32. \end{document}

The problem is that if I run Biber on my file (foo.tex, etc): Biber foo and the file foo.bbl comes out blank. Upon running Biber I don't get anything particularly interesting in the terminal, so this is completely confusing me. Any help would be particularly wonderful.

The file "bibliography.bib" is a standard bib file and I doubt it to be the culprit. The used class file is attached.

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