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Overleaf... and formatting of an author's name

Postby Jemeriiie » Wed May 26, 2021 8:45 pm

Good evening,

In order to keep my CV up to date, I use the automatic import of my bibliography with OverLeaf (by pointing to an address in the open archives where a Bibtex file is generated). Everything works fine except for one publication:

TITLE = {{Titre de l'article}},
AUTHOR = {Nom, Prénom and lastname lastname2, firstname},
JOURNAL = {{Nom du journal}},
YEAR = {2021},

In this case, the returned reference is problematic for the second author:
Nom, P. & lastname lastname2 firstname, f. (2021). Titre de l'article. Nom du journal.

Not being able to change the name into the .bib file, do you know if there is an option(s)/trick(s) to get the reference as:
Nom, P. & Lastname Lastname2, F. (2021). Titre de l'article. Nom du journal.

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