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Postby LaTeXitty » Mon Apr 05, 2010 1:46 am

I am trying to reach a point at which I can use MikTeX to engrave music. Since I have been unable to make sense of the abc package by Enrico Gregorio, I have been able to obtain very acceptable results by generating scores using a non-LaTeX program, but now I want to produce more specialized output in white mensural notation.

As a first step towards this goal, I am trying to get MusixTeX working, however, the following instructions have me baffled:
PostScript (Type 1) Fonts for MusiXTeX
Ver 1.13


Takanori Uchiyama,


This package provides PostScript (type 1) fonts (PFB format), and dvips and
dvipdfm map files for MusiXTeX. The fonts are based on the original METAFONT
sources, such as, which are distributed with MusiXTeX. The fonts
provided here may be used to produce printer-independent Postscript files. PDF
files generated using type 1 fonts are well displayed by the Acrobat Reader and

The fonts were generated from the METAFONT sources in the TeX Live CD 2000 July
using TeXtrace 0.45 or mftrace 1.0.12 but musix11-20, xslhz20 and xslhz20d
were upgraded to those in musixtex-T102.tar.gz.

Here is a list of the 71 generated fonts.

musix11.pfb xgreg24.pfb xsld29.pfb xslhd24.pfb xslhu24.pfb xslu20.pfb


1) Make a directory such as $TEXMF/fonts/type1/musixtex, for PFBs.
2) Copy all PFBs to the above directory; they should be readable by all users.
3) Copy the map file ./dvips/ to the appropriate directory, such as
4) Add a line


to a suitable file or, in a tetex-based distribution, add to the list of map files for Type1 fonts with Metafont
equivalents in the updmap script, which should then be executed
by doing "./updmap".
5) Copy the map file ./dvipdfm/ to the appropriate directory, such as
6) Add a line


to the config file.
7) Do mktexlsr or texhash or whatever is necessary on your system to
re-generate the TeX database.

When these fonts are used, type 1 fonts should also be used for non-music text;
for example, type 1 versions of the Computer Modern fonts are available.


[End of README]

(with the font archive)

Can somebody familiar with the guts of Windows please advise, how do I find $TEXMF within my own system? or create it?
WindowsME / MikTeX 2.7 / TeXnic Center 1.0
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Postby Gabaux » Sat Dec 21, 2013 10:47 pm


I am rather new to MusixTeX too, but I could install it quite easy.

I suggest to use the package manager to download and install the packages required. I did it so, and had no problem at all.



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