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TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [parameter stack size=10000]

Postby lasrubieras » Wed Jan 06, 2021 12:49 am

Hello smart people,

I am working on writing my dissertation. I'm a linguist at UW Madison working with idioms in Spanish. I am writing my manuscript in Rmarkdown and using the bookdown package. I ran into this bug using the gb4e package to create examples and glosses.

Here is the error I get when trying to knit my document.

! TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [parameter stack size=10000].
\gb@ifnextchar #1#2#3->
                       \let \reserved@d =#1\def \reserved@a {#2}\def \reserv...
l.21     \catcode`\noexpand\^^A

Error: LaTeX failed to compile initial_data_wrangling.tex. See for debugging tips. See initial_data_wrangling.log for more info.
Execution halted

Here's my yaml header

title: "Experimental Design"
author: "Erwin Lares"
date: "12/23/2020"
  bookdown::pdf_document2: default
  bookdown::html_document2: default
- \usepackage{graphicx}
- \usepackage{float}
- \usepackage{longtable}
- \usepackage{gb4e}

And here is the bit causing that's causing the error

\begin{xlist} % first embedding (alphabetical numbering)
    \gll Mary kicked the bucket, she stubbed her toes. \\
    Mary kick-PAST the bucket, 3S bruised-PAST 3S-POSS toe-PL \\
    \trans ‘Mary made contact with the bucket with her toes forcefully ’
    \gll Mary kicked the bucket, she's dead. \\
    Mary kick-PAST the bucket, 3S COP-PRE dead-adj \\
    \trans ‘Mary is dead.’
\end{xlist} % end first embedding
    \gll This example does not contain sub examples.\\
     DEMO-SING example DO-helping NEG contain sub examples\\
    \trans ‘This is a plain example’

Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you for helping out

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