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How to add custom positioning

Postby Hank » Wed May 06, 2020 4:55 pm

I'm new to using Latex and I've successfully added a 3D object to pdf. I can't however change the frame size or position/location of the 3D object. See img:

I've tried following this guide: ... heir_place
but nothing seems to work for me.

This is the code:
toolbar, %same as `controls'
3Daac=60.000000, 3Droll=0.000000, 3Dc2c=0.121500 -17.395000 0.005574, 3Droo=17.395426, 3Dcoo=0.121498 -1.874612 -0.005574,

I would only like to know how to code and where to put the additional code in the above code - in order to change the position of the 3D object (lets say top left 5 cm from the border or center right) and be able to adjust the size of the interactive 3D object frame. I'm hoping someone with experience can help guide me, all help is appreciated.


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