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Problem with table of contents, figures and anexo

Postby jeissonv » Thu Nov 08, 2018 11:11 pm

Hi everyone...

My problem is the following

I am compiling my master's thesis and I am using the university template but when compile I obtain the next error

  1. [4]) (Plantilla_UIS.toc
  3. ! Package inputenc Error: Unicode character \GenericError {(inputenc)
  4. }{Package inputenc Error: Unicode character � (U+FFFD)
  5. (inputenc) not set up for use with LaTeX}{See the inputenc package documentatio
  6. n for explanation.}{You may provide a definition with
  7. (inputenc) \DeclareUnicodeCharacter } (U+FFFD)
  8. (inputenc) not set up for use with LaTeX.
  10. See the inputenc package documentation for explanation.
  11. Type H <return> for immediate help.
  12. ...
  14. l.1 ...ak or <return> to continue without it.}}g.}
  15. \par
  16. ?

So I don´t know what can be, because I have few experience with latex.

this contain the .toc file

  1. \unhbox \voidb@x \penalty \@M \ \hfill \textbf {pág}\par
  2. \boolfalse {citerequest}\boolfalse {citetracker}\boolfalse {pagetracker}\boolfalse {backtracker}\relax
  3. \babel@toc {spanish}{}
  4. \defcounter {refsection}{0}\relax
  5. \contentsline {chapter}{INTRODUCCI\'ON}{15}{chapter*.6}
  6. \defcounter {refsection}{0}\relax
  7. \contentsline {chapter}{\numberline {1}MARCO REFERENCIAL}{24}{chapter.1}
  8. \defcounter {refsection}{0}\relax
  9. \contentsline {chapter}{\numberline {2}PROCEDIMIENTO PARA LA ESTIMACI\'ON DE LOS PAR\'AMETROS DEL DIODO DE BYPASS}{29}{chapter.2}
  10. \defcounter {refsection}{0}\relax
  11. \contentsline {section}{\numberline {2.1}ESTIMACI\'ON DE PAR\'AMETROS CUANDO EXISTE SOMBRA TOTAL EN EL M\'ODULO}{29}{section.2.1}
  12. \defcounter {refsection}{0}\relax
  13. \contentsline {section}{\numberline {2.2}ESTIMACI\'ON DE PAR\'AMETROS CUANDO EXISTE SOMBRA PARCIAL EN EL M\'ODULO}{35}{section.2.2}
  14. \defcounter {refsection}{0}\relax
  15. \contentsline {chapter}{\numberline {3}APLICACI\'ON DEL M\'ETODO}{41}{chapter.3}
  16. \defcounter {refsection}{0}\relax
  17. \contentsline {section}{\numberline {3.1}ESTIMACI\'ON DE PAR\'AMETROS CUANDO $I_{m} = 0A$}{44}{section.3.1}
  18. \defcounter {refsection}{0}\relax
  19. \contentsline {subsection}{\numberline {3.1.1}ESCENARIO 1: Irradiancia alta:}{44}{subsection.3.1.1}
  20. \defcounter {refsection}{0}\relax
  21. \contentsline {subsection}{\numberline {3.1.2}ESCENARIO 2: Irradiancia media}{48}{subsection.3.1.2}
  22. \defcounter {refsection}{0}\relax
  23. \contentsline {subsection}{\numberline {3.1.3}ESCENARIO 3: Irradiancia baja}{50}{subsection.3.1.3}
  24. \defcounter {refsection}{0}\relax
  25. \contentsline {section}{\numberline {3.2}ESTIMACI\'ON DE PAR\'AMETROS CUANDO $I_{sc} > I_{m} > 0A$}{51}{section.3.2}
  26. \defcounter {refsection}{0}\relax
  27. \contentsline {subsection}{\numberline {3.2.1}ESCENARIO 1: Irradiancia alta}{51}{subsection.3.2.1}
  28. \defcounter {refsection}{0}\relax
  29. \contentsline {subsection}{\numberline {3.2.2}ESCENARIO 2: Irradiancia media}{52}{subsection.3.2.2}
  30. \defcounter {refsection}{0}\relax
  31. \contentsline {subsection}{\numberline {3.2.3}ESCENARIO 3: Irradiancia baja}{53}{subsection.3.2.3}
  32. \defcounter {refsection}{0}\relax
  33. \contentsline {chapter}{\numberline {4}VALIDACI\'ON EXPERIMENTAL}{55}{chapter.4}
  34. \defcounter {refsection}{0}\relax
  35. \contentsline {chapter}{\numberline {5}TRABAJO FUTURO}{64}{chapter.5}
  36. \defcounter {refsection}{0}\relax
  37. \contentsline {chapter}{\numberline {6}CONCLUSIONES}{65}{chapter.6}
  38. \defcounter {refsection}{0}\relax
  39. \contentsline {chapter}{BIBLIOGRAF\'IA}{67}{chapter*.50}
  40. \defcounter {refsection}{0}\relax
  41. \contentsline {chapter}{ANEXOS}{71}{chapter*.51}
  42. \contentsfinish

You can help me please.

ps: attach the template sty
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Postby kaiserkarl13 » Sun Nov 11, 2018 8:59 am

This could be a number of things, but if there's a problem, it's somewhere in the \includeed or \inputted files, not in the main document. Since you didn't post those, it's hard to say. (This is why the board rules tell you to always prepare a Infominimal working example.)

My guess: change the \inputenc line in your style file so it loads the UNICODE character set rather than the ANSI one (it's commented out near the top of the file).

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