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Is it possible to create an index without the \index{} command?

Postby Cham » Fri Dec 08, 2017 8:49 pm

Stefan Kottwitz wrote:Btw. any perl or other script program could parse a LaTeX file and insert \index entries anywhere following a word list in this script.

Well, this is actually the topic's subject. Is it possible to tell LaTeX to do the calculations by itself, without going to an external program (perl or anything else) ? I'm not a perl user, so I would hate to learn another new thing (especially programmation) just to do some LaTeX documents.

I heavily program Mathematica (and a bit Maple), and I was also programming LUA a long time ago (I forgot almost everything from LUA). Having to learn or re-learn programming with various syntaxes and rules is a huge pain in the arse! :x

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