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Hacking with LaTeX! How to protect?

Postby eugene8086 » Fri Aug 05, 2016 9:16 am

I`m creating the rendering images (with a formulas) script for the web site, which is based on texlive. I have found that there is a security vulnerability.

For example, using the commands \include \input \openin \read \openout \write a user can embed in the document that is processed on the server and open, read, write a files.

There is also a risk insert commands that cause an infinite loop, for example \loop \while.

How to anticipate all the dangers? For example, there is a form of use \@input. What other operators are dangerous? Where can I find documentation for a complete list of commands, working with files, inserting executable code into the tex document? I want to write the full black list and filter them.

(Sorry for my bad English)
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