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Computer Freeze results in empty Source File

Postby Sievers » Sun Jan 06, 2013 4:24 am

Hi guys!

I have a serious problem! My computer just froze when I asked it to compile using TeXnicCenter. After having to reboot the hard way my source file is completely empty! Fortunately DropBox keeps backing it up, but the last backup point, even if apparently a mere 11minutes ago, only has half my work in the source file (surely a DropBox error though).

This is all a catastrophe! The odd thing, though, is that this new empty source file is still a bit larger than the previous backups, suggesting to me that the information is still somehow hidden in there. Indeed when I open it, I am still able to move the cursor around as if the text was still there but I can't see it!

Does anyone know how to extract this information?



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