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TrueType, no XeLaTeX, and romanian glyphs

Postby BogdanAgapie » Fri Jan 24, 2014 11:19 pm

Hello and sorry if I step over some rules, first post on the forum and non-native English speaker here. Also, extremely beginner...

My problem: I have to use a specific font in order to write a thick book in Romanian. As far as using the default font in LaTeX, no problem, all the glyphs are there. However...

I have managed to use the ttf font of choice in PDFLaTeX and the output is quite as expected, but there is one glyph that cannot be rendered. It's \u{a}, or an a with a breve above. It's a fairly used vowel in Romanian.

Using Fontographer (a specialised software used to create and edit truetype fonts), I can see that the breve character is the 259th character, well beyond the 256 characters available using the T1-WLG4.enc file that the PDF file found at instructed me to use. I think that there must be something equivalent for the Unicode, but I was unable to find it.

Is there any way that the .enc file could be edited (without breaking it completely - that's the main reason I didn't try it yet) so the glyphs would be visible to PDFLaTeX? Or a different method to access those characters beyond the limit of 256 characters used on Windows 95 (the OS that the .enc file seems to refer to)? I don't want to use them as such, but it would be nice to have some correspondence between the ComputerModern standard font and it's glyphs, used in TeX, and modern-day truetype fonts and to let LaTeX work it's magic as if the glyphs were its own.

I am using MiKTeX 2.9.


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