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Using non-standard System Fonts

Postby shamous » Thu Jan 09, 2014 5:46 pm

Dear community,

This is my first post, so a hello to everyone! I am currently writing my diploma with the help of LaTeX and Bibdesk and thanks to templates I found on the internet and days spend in different help threads I am quite happy with the document I build. One thing however keeps my unhappy: the font.

The selection of standard fonts is quite limited. I experimented with different packages related to XeLaTex but in the editor I am using (Latexian) it did not work. Apparently this is due to the missing pdflatex support of XeLaTex.

  1. %\usepackage{fontspec} % Provide features for AAT and OpenType fonts
  2. %\usepackage{xunicode} % Unicode support for LaTeX character names (accents, European chars, etc)
  3. %\usepackage{xlxtra} % Extra customizations for XeLaTeX
  4. %\setmainfont{Helvetica Neue Light} % Define the default font family. Requires XeLaTeX.

In another editor I could make Helvetica Neue work as a font. The problem then was that different parameters weren't displayed correctly, so I stayed with Latexian where at least everything else works fine.

Can anyone think of a solution how I can make Helvetica Neue work?

This is the header of my document:

  1. \documentclass[
  2. oneside,
  3. ngerman
  4. ]{scrbook}
  5. \usepackage{a4}
  7. \usepackage{hyperref}
  8. \usepackage{apacite}
  9. \usepackage{graphicx}
  10. \graphicspath{graphics}
  12. \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}
  13. \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}
  14. \usepackage{babel}
  15. \renewcommand{\rmdefault}{phv}
  17. \usepackage[lmargin=3.5cm,rmargin=3cm,tmargin=2.5cm,bmargin=2.5cm]{geometry}
  18. \usepackage[onehalfspacing]{setspace}

Huge thanks in advance!

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