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Cyrillic with glossaries

Postby Dorian_Gray » Mon Aug 26, 2013 4:05 pm

Hi there!
I want to write some terms and acronyms in my glossary in Bulgarian. Unfortunately, when I do so Latex gives a myriad of errors and does not compile. Any suggestions?
  1. \documentclass[a4paper,10pt]{article}
  2. \usepackage{ucs}
  3. \usepackage[cp1251]{inputenc}
  4. \usepackage[english,bulgarian]{babel}
  5. \inputencoding{cp1251}
  6. \usepackage[makeindex,acronym]{glossaries}
  7. \usepackage[dvipdfm,unicode]{hyperref}
  8. \hypersetup{colorlinks=true, linkcolor=black}
  9. \makeglossaries
  10. \newacronym{SVN}{SVN}{Apache Subversion Control}
  11. %\newacronym{БДЖ}{БДЖ}{Българска държавна железница}
  12. \begin{document}
  13. \gls{SVN}
  14. %\gls{БДЖ}
  15. \pagenumbering{arabic}
  16. \glossarystyle{altlistgroup}
  17. \glsaddall
  18. \printglossaries
  19. \end{document}

Here is the MWE. Is it OK? And sorrry for not linking my other question post.
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Postby localghost » Mon Aug 26, 2013 4:11 pm

For an adequate problem description please prepare a self-contained and minimal example in order to avoid speculations and guesswork.


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