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Typesetting Czech

Postby maxxino » Fri Jul 26, 2013 11:13 am

Hi guys,

I use MiKTeX and I need to typeset Czech (typesetting Czech characters), web advised me to use this.

The first two rows work, but with the third one error occurs.
! Package fontenc Error: Encoding file 'il2enc.def' not found.
(fontenc)                You might have misspelt the name of encoding.
See the fontenc package documentation for explanation.

Third command was advised on more websites so I do not think that I misspelled it. I don't know whether it is necessary to download some extra package.

Thanks in advance for any help
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Postby localghost » Fri Jul 26, 2013 12:04 pm

Just for information to other users for awareness of possibly already existing solutions. The question has also been posted to {TeX} SX. Please read what our administrator thinks about that.

Board Rules wrote:A crossposting is always contra-productive. But there is nothing really against it as long as it is mentioned. This means that a direct link has to be added. So other users who want to help are preserved from double efforts and waste of time.

Does T1 font encoding in combination with utf8 as input encoding work? Or semi-automatic input encoding by selinput.

Finally you could think about using XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX.

If that doesn't help, please prepare a self-contained and minimal example in order to give an adequate problem description.

Best regards and welcome to the board
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