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mathabx | Standard Math Symbols overwritten

Postby david_a_clarke » Wed Feb 15, 2012 5:07 pm


For my first post, other than my intro...

I would like to install a character set for astronomical symbols (e.g., \Sun = a circle with a dot in the middle, \Jupiter = the fancy 24 ligature, etc.). Now, I have found and installed mathabx and while they're OK (they're bit-maps, a bit blurry, and not terribly imaginative), the package also overwrites many of the standard LaTeX math symbols (e.g., integral signs, rightarrow, infinity, etc.) with, in my opinion, inferior-looking symbols (again, bitmaps and not as crisp).

Does anyone know:

  1. How to include only the new symbols from a package and ignore all those previously defined by something else? Simply putting mathabx first in the list of \usepackage triggers a whole host of other errors. It seems amssymb, amsmath, etc., must come before mathabx, which then clobbers some of the AMS characters.
  2. Better yet, is there a set of nicely crafted astronomical symbols created for LaTeX that won't clobber anything else already defined?

cheers, David

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mathabx | Standard Math Symbols overwritten

Postby localghost » Wed Feb 15, 2012 6:20 pm

Section 5 of the mathabx manual suggests to use options for turning certain font families on or off.
%  mathb,

I'm sure the package manual has some more details about that.

As an alternative for only the astronomical symbols you could take a look at the marvosym package. Other possible packages specifically for astronomical symbols might be found in »The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List«.

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