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How to move subsubsection title to the previous page?  Topic is solved

Postby lukaszskowron96 » Thu Feb 28, 2019 9:08 pm


I encountered this problem in Latex. As you can see on the picture below. I want to move 6.2.3 Moment Load to the previous page, but for some reason it stays on the next page. This is the part of code that generates this:

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  1. \subsubsection{6.2.3 Moment Load}

Please, I really need to shift this to the previous page, I am running out of space in document I am writing.



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Stefan Kottwitz
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Postby Stefan Kottwitz » Thu Feb 28, 2019 11:01 pm

Hi Lukasz!

The subsection title itself may fit to the previous page. But a title without text at the end of the page would not be perfect. That's why text after a heading sticks to the heading and it together moves to the next page if that's better.

I could say more if I would see code.

Stefan admin

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Postby lukaszskowron96 » Fri Mar 01, 2019 12:26 am


Thanks, I understand. I actually made the pictures above a bit smaller and now a first sentence that sticked to the title progressed to the previous page. I think, my problem is solved. I thought there is some kind of smarter way of changing the spacings between title and first sentence after it or something like that. Thanks anyway.


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