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todonotes: Use only left or only right margin?

Postby JustA_LaTeXusr » Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:05 am

Is there any way to force todonotes to place comment bubbles only on the left side of the page, or only on the right side of the page? My corporate document template is two-sided, so todonotes puts the bubbles on the right margin for odd-facing pages, and the left margin for even-facing pages. I need to make the PDF viewing window bigger just to see comments on both odd and even pages. Display area on my tiny laptop is a premium.

I've already `\reversemarginpar` after invoking packages todonotes and geometry, but comment bubbles still show up in both margins.

I tried to force one-sided output using `\documentclass[oneside]{corpTemplate}`, but I get a message indicating that the corporate template does not permit one-sidedness.

I've posted this to the Stack Exchange ( ... ght-margin).

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