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How to solve a foot ugly document

Postby barnarasta » Sat Oct 12, 2013 2:32 pm

Good morning,
I'm adapting output BILLS impression created from a DEBIAN server and would need to know if LATEX can solve the problem aesthetic at end of page using "longtable" and "endlastfoot" to the end.

Is possible to automatically insert empty lines until the end?

They have to generate dozens of documents weekly and do it manually is unthinkable.

The sizes fixed are header and footer, but the lines of detail can be variable.

Attached files and pretty ugly in "tex" and "pdf" for you can see the problem.

Original document source
(5.27 KiB) Downloaded 242 times
PDF of original document.
UGLY aesthetic
(32.56 KiB) Downloaded 145 times
PDF with lines inserted manually.
Nice aesthetic.
(33.78 KiB) Downloaded 118 times
Source Document with lines inserted manually.
(6.34 KiB) Downloaded 230 times


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