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move align* to the left

Postby NutronStar45 » Mon May 30, 2022 10:40 am

the equation is too wide to fit in the page, but moving the block to the left will resolve this issue
all tutorials I found dont work
heres my code:
\hat{i}' &= \begin{bmatrix}
\cos \alpha \cos \beta \cos \delta \\
\sin \alpha \cos \gamma \cos \epsilon - \cos \alpha \sin \beta \sin \gamma \cos \epsilon - \cos \alpha \cos \beta \sin \delta \sin \epsilon \\
\sin \alpha \sin \gamma \cos \zeta + \cos \alpha \sin \beta \cos \gamma \cos \zeta - \sin \alpha \cos \gamma \sin \epsilon \sin \zeta + \cos \alpha \sin \beta \sin \gamma \sin \epsilon \sin \zeta - \cos \alpha \cos \beta \sin \delta \cos \epsilon \sin \zeta \\
\sin \alpha \sin \gamma \sin \zeta + \cos \alpha \sin \beta \cos \gamma \sin \zeta + \sin \alpha \cos \gamma \sin \epsilon \cos \zeta - \cos \alpha \sin \beta \sin \gamma \sin \epsilon \cos \zeta + \cos \alpha \cos \beta \sin \delta \cos \epsilon \cos \zeta
\end{bmatrix} \\
\hat{j}' &= \begin{bmatrix}
-\sin \alpha \cos \beta \cos \delta \\
\cos \alpha \cos \gamma \cos \epsilon + \sin \alpha \sin \beta \sin \gamma \cos \epsilon + \sin \alpha \cos \beta \sin \delta \sin \epsilon \\
\cos \alpha \sin \gamma \cos \zeta - \sin \alpha \sin \beta \cos \gamma \cos \zeta - \cos \alpha \cos \gamma \sin \epsilon \sin \zeta - \sin \alpha \sin \beta \sin \gamma \sin \epsilon \sin \zeta + \sin \alpha \cos \beta \sin \delta \cos \epsilon \sin \zeta \\
\cos \alpha \sin \gamma \sin \zeta - \sin \alpha \sin \beta \cos \gamma \sin \zeta + \cos \alpha \cos \gamma \sin \epsilon \cos \zeta + \sin \alpha \sin \beta \sin \gamma \sin \epsilon \cos \zeta - \sin \alpha \cos \beta \sin \delta \cos \epsilon \cos \zeta
\end{bmatrix} \\
\hat{k}' &= \begin{bmatrix}
-\sin \beta \cos \delta \\
-\cos \beta \sin \gamma \cos \epsilon + \sin \beta \sin \delta \sin \epsilon \\
\cos \beta \cos \gamma \cos \zeta + \cos \beta \sin \gamma \sin \epsilon \sin \zeta + \sin \beta \sin \delta \cos \epsilon \sin \zeta \\
\cos \beta \cos \gamma \sin \zeta - \cos \beta \sin \gamma \sin \epsilon \cos \zeta - \sin \beta \sin \delta \cos \epsilon \cos \zeta
\end{bmatrix} \\
\hat{l}' &= \begin{bmatrix}
-\sin \delta \\
-\cos \delta \sin \epsilon \\
-\cos \delta \cos \epsilon \sin \zeta \\
\cos \delta \cos \epsilon \cos \zeta

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