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Unexpected misbehaviour of align

Postby drpartha » Mon Sep 18, 2023 2:46 pm

I am trying to typeset a bunch of equations using \align. I get a weird output. Here is a MWE:

\dfrac{15}{5} &= 42/14 &= 3\\
\dfrac{26}{65} &= \dfrac{2\cancel{6}}{\cancel{6}5} &= \dfrac{2}{5}\\
\dfrac{19}{95} &= \dfrac{1\cancel{9}}{\cancel{9}5} &= \dfrac{1}{5}\\
\dfrac{49}{98} &= \dfrac{4\cancel{9}}{\cancel{9}8} &= \dfrac{1}{2}\\
\dfrac{166}{664} &= \dfrac{1\bcancel{6}\cancel{6}}{\bcancel{6}\cancel{6}4} &= \dfrac{1}{4}

The term before the last = sign is located in a weird and ugly way. The spacing before the first = and the second = are not equal. Is there some way I can make these equations look more pleasant ?

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Unexpected misbehaviour of align

Postby Stefan Kottwitz » Wed Sep 20, 2023 8:39 am


that's not a MWE, see this link for information: Infominimal working example,

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