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Landscape matrix

Postby SalvadorGC » Fri Dec 26, 2008 8:57 am

Hi everybody,
I am trying to place a huge matrix into a LaTeX document. It needs to be in landscape mode as in portrait mode just doesn't fit.
I found two methods to do it but each one gives me a different kind of problem:
1)Using lscape package and \begin{landscape} \end{landscape} the matrix fits perfectly, but LaTex places a blank page (without counting the last portrait page, which obviosly was left half-blank, but that is OK) before the matrix.
2)Using rotating package \begin{sideways} \end{sideways} the blank page doesn't appear but the matrix is cut by the right margin of the page.
Maybe I am not using the environment in the right way. I am not experienced with these packages.

The matrix is basically:

Many thanks for the help.

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Landscape matrix

Postby Juanjo » Sat Dec 27, 2008 2:25 am

Assuming that you have loaded the amsmath package (you should if you write maths), the following code works fine for me:
     \text{big expression here} 
     & \text{even a bigger expression here}
     & \text{other enormous expression} \\
     12345 & 67890 & 12345

Observe that you can use bmatrix instead of array + \left-\right. For a more precise answer, you should provide a minimal working example.

You can also consider to simplify notations or change the way you write. For example, perhaps you may type something like this:
     t_{11} & t_{12} & t_{13} & t_{14} \\
     t_{21} & t_{22} & t_{23} & t_{24}
  t_{11}&= \text{some expression here}, \\
  t_{12}&= \text{other expression here}, \\
  t_{13}&= \text{and so on}.
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